Treating cat worms

Our cats have been given worm medicine but why not long after our cat worms again, if we give worm medicine is not good?

Not necessarily powerful drugs do not eradicate the worm is a worm but because it requires special means or methods to eradicate the worm. In order to eradicate the worm to complete then we must know the life cycle and how work-worming. There is a difference in the life cycle and the spread of tapeworms with roundworms.

The workings of anthelmintic
Most of the drug can eradicate the worm only worm by worm nervous system damage. Drugs do not eradicate the worm eggs. Therefore, the provision of de-worming should be repeated within a certain period so that a new worm that hatches from an egg can be eradicated before they become mature and produce new eggs.
This type of worm medicine
Worm medicine containing the active ingredient pyrantel, febendazole, mebendazole and febantel only can damage the nervous system of roundworms. These drugs had no effect on tapeworms. Other drugs are often used to eradicate the infestation (fleas) and mites (scabies, demodex, etc.) is an injection of ivermectin. These drugs are often mistakenly called "injection mold". ivermectin can also be used to eradicate roundworm, but had no effect on tapeworms. Whereas tapeworms in cats can only be eradicated with drugs containing prazyquantel or dichlorphen.

• Combantrin (Pfizer): containing pyrantel, can only eradicate roundworms, can be purchased at pharmacies
• Vermox: mebendazole-containing material, it can only eradicate roundworms, can be purchased at pharmacies.
• Cat Drontal (Bayer) and prazyquantel containing pyrantel, is best used on cats, to eradicate tapeworms and roundworms, can be purchased at the pet store or vet.
• Drontal Plus (Bayer): contain prazyquantel, pyrantel and febantel. Commonly used in dogs, can also be given to cats (dose adjusted). DO NOT be given to cats that are pregnant!. Febantel can cause fetal defects in cats.

Consult each dose of worm medicine at the nearest vet. Avoid as much as possible to give pregnant cat worm medication at (pregnant). Provision should be made sebekum worming cats mating or after childbirth.
Recommended routine administration worming program (prevention)
2-4 times a year, each drug was repeated two weeks later. Frequency of administration depends on the condition of the cat and the environment. A cat who used to play in the garden or outdoor should be more often given de-worming.
sbelum time interval following drug administration

Giving Combantrin / Drontal

Always keep clean litter (sand cat), replace with new. Try a cat a sand box.
Program recommendations to eradicate tapeworms D. caninum (positive if the cat is infected)

Tapeworm D. caninum can be spread through the bite of fleas (see tapeworm). Therefore, the provision of de-worming program must be run concurrently with the cat flea eradication program. Treat all cats in the same room (although different cage), because fleas can move to a different cat cages.

Worm medication (drontal / prazyquantel) performed in conjunction with anti-flea medication like frontline spot on cat (drops) or injection of ivermectin. Performed 2-3 times in succession with an interval of 3-4 weeks.
time lapse before the next administration

Provision of frontline spot on and drontal
back to the regular program
If we are continuously in accordance with the schedule of the worm can be eradicated by thorough