The things that affect Cats Health

There are several important factors for cats health. This can affect the cat health factor, so you should notice:

Here are a few:

Sanitary cat box

A good cage clean and healthy will make a cat feel at home there. Make sure the cat box as well as supporting tools such as eating places, drinking places, where the dirt is always clean and disinfectant periodically.

How to clean it as you clean up in general. Whereas if didesinfikasi please use the following trick: Find the liquid household bleach containing 0.17% sodium hiplorida (You can ask your retailer or look directly on the packaging)

Environmental circumstances

Cats must also consider the following:

     Measure with a hydrometer and air kelambapan looking at somewhere around 43% to 55%.
     The ideal air temperature: 21 C to 24 C
     In making the cage or cat tempar MUST provide its air circulation (ventilation). At least 19 times pergamtian air.

Do not over-crowded

What is over-crowded? which is in excess of the cat's cage or in other words too many cats who live there.

Is this dangerous cats like that?

Of course! in addition to violating RIGHTS (Rights of cats) also with excess cat in a place easy it would cause infectious diseases. And Try to imagine with a lot of people are at a narrow place.

Well so did the mew. They will be stressed. If you let the cat stress will automatically lower its durability. And automatic as well as decreased endurance he will be vulnerable to disease. After reaching the hospital you would know the rest. The cost of medicine is expensive and if not handled properly will result in death.

So make sure you notice a cat box above factors, you can fins here; other factors of Cats health :